Have you filled out the census and registered to vote?

Have you filled out your census yet?  It is so important because it means the difference between receiving the funds we will need even more now for our city and the proper representation in Congress.  With this virus, we have a hard road ahead of us.  

Please take the few minutes and complete the CENSUS. It is easy to do online, and you should have already received information from the Census people. You can check out their website for more information. 2020census.gov.

Remember that the CENSUS occurs only once every 10 years.  So your participation will have a decade long impact.  There is no question on the form about citizenship. 

Make sure you're registered to vote and get your absentee ballot now!

If you are eligible to vote, you can get your registration status, register to vote, find your polling place location, or  get an application for an absentee ballot by going to vote.org. This year, everyone is eligible to vote by absentee ballot because of the Corona Virus.  Simply check the temporary illness box.