Inter-generational Chanukah Gathering on Zoom: Saturday, Dec. 12th at 5:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 920 0573 6135 Passcode: 526352

Light the menorah, sing songs, and celebrate at our Chanukah celebration for all ages. Bring  your menorah and candles plus something to share! Maybe it’s a family story, or a recipe, or a Jewish object from your home.

We’ll spend part of the evening in small groups hosted by Rabbi G, and volunteers Susan Bernstein & Steve Cormany, Jonny Goldstein, Emily Herzlin, and Jill Goldstein-Smith.   Join us to talk about what helps you stay resilient during these times. 

As part of our 5th anniversary year of learning and celebration we are exploring the Jewish mystical map of the Divine realm -- where our name, Malkhut, comes from. In the map of Divine emanations or sefirot, the sefirah called Netzach is just above and to the right of Malkhut.

On Chanukah the intention of our celebration is to draw down the quality of Netzach and activate it within ourselves and in our world.  Netzach stands for endurance and resilience, qualities that we definitely will need to draw on as we move into the dark and the cold of winter with the pandemic still raging. As we remember the resistance of the Maccabees and celebrate the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight nights, we’ll explore the traditions, foods and stories that connect us to our ancestors and help us to endure.