We are Malkhut: a 5th Anniversary journey of learning and celebration

 Malkhut is now in its 5th year of existence, but how many of us truly understand what our community’s name means? “Malkhut” comes from the world of kabbalah, Jewish mysticism. The kabbalists created visual maps of how they understood the Divine realm, or what we might call the deep structure of the universe. The most familiar map looks like a tree or a ladder.

Each level of the tree is represented by one or more “sefirot” or emanations of divine energy such as “chesed” (compassion) or “gevurah” (judgement). The basic idea is that an everflowing fountain of divine energy flows from the top of the tree through these sefirot, manifesting as different qualities in ourselves and in the world that we experience.

“Malkhut” refers to the innermost or bottommost emanation in this map. If this all seems esoteric, it doesn’t have to be! In the coming winter and spring months, join us as we explore and celebrate the kabbalistic origins of our name. 

Here are some of the offerings on the horizon.

If you would like to host a remote gathering for our community in celebration of our anniversary, please email us. We can help you find the kabbalistic connection!

Celebrate our Resilience this Chanukah

  • Just above and to the right of Malkhut, the sefirah of Netzach stands for endurance and resilience, qualities that we definitely need as we move into the dark of winter. As we remember the resistance of the Maccabees and celebrate the enduring oil, Malkhutniks will host a range of opportunities throughout the eight night holiday to light the menorah together on zoom, and to cook, learn and sing together. On Saturday December 12th we’ll gather for a special intergenerational zoom celebration to explore the traditions, foods and stories that connect us to our ancestors and help us to endure.

Cozy Kabbalah with Rabbi G. (5 Tuesday evenings in January/February)

  • Trace the multilayered tradition of Jewish mysticism, from the Prophet Ezekiel to the Chariot Mystics to the early Chasidic masters. We’ll study primary sources and contemporary texts as we find the kernels of Jewish mysticism that are still inspiring and transforming our spiritual lives today.

Sefirot in Song with Kris Wettstein and community musicians

Come ready to listen and participate in a musical exploration of the sefirot led by musicians and singers from our Malkhut community. (March - date TBD)