What Kinds of Groups Would You Join?


Zoom Roundtable Wednesday April 14th at 7:00 PM 

For almost a year, Malkhutniks have been connecting on Zoom in small groups. We set up this program quickly, as a way to keep people connected during the early days of the pandemic. We've had reading groups, a schmooze group, groups doing anti-racism and social justice work,  a Rosh Chodesh group and a group comprised of new and expectant parents. Each group is coordinated by one or more volunteer facilitators.

Now we're taking a step back and asking questions about how to refine and grow this program. How can we get to know each other better? What sorts of groups would you be interested in? Should our whole community read or study something together? Would it be easier to join a group that meets for just a short period of time? Does it make sense to keep using Zoom for this even after we can gather in person again?

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