Educational Resources

 Educational Resources

During the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Malkhut's Youth Institute for Spirituality and Action created educational resources for all parents and children to enjoy regardless of their participation in our monthly programming. These resources were also ideal for families with Zoom fatigue and allowed Jewish education to expand past the computer screen and into the home.

Travel the Jewish world through these educational newsletters and experience the holidays through music, food, activities, and more! Learn about how our Jewish traditions can also connect us to other religious practices in our neighboring communities. 


Tu B'Shvat



The Art Neighborhood: Our Kindergarten - 7th Grade students collaborated with Brooklyn artist Lisa Marie Ludwig in a participatory art project. We explored identity, Jewish identity, the power of protest, and the importance of prolonged social justice work, all through art and creativity! We invite you - parents, children, and anyone else - to join us on this initiative and grow our Malkhut Art Neighborhood!


A group of students learning on a Youth Institute classroom with a madricha or educational guide.