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Ellis Greenberg

Ellis is a 13 year old who creates art. Art with metal on wood, art with melody on rhythm, art with pencil on paper, art with finger on keyboard, and art with paint on cardboard. They have a strange affiliation with the color orange, though they will insist if asked that it is not in fact their favorite color, and just their brand, whatever that means. When not making art, Ellis can be found playing D&D (which it could be argued is a form of art through storytelling), playing Magic: the Gathering (which it could be argued is a form of art through strategy), or procrastinating (which it cannot be argued that it is art). They are delighted to become a Jewish adult and to be participating in this amazing tradition.

Thank You!

Thank you so much to Jim for his wonderful work tutoring me and Mateo and to Miriam for curating the entire tutoring process for all my fellow Olim students. Thank you to Emily for working with us exploring the study of Torah, and thank you to Marina for not only helping me and the rest of the Olim students with our Mitzvah projects, but also for planning many of the events we’ve had along the way. Thank you to Sophie for working with us throughout the lockdown while we were all online. Thank you to Rabbi G for her work with us last year with Hebrew school, this year with our Dvar Torah, and creating the community that lent its resources to us so that we could get to this moment. Finally, thank you to my parents, who’ve had to put up with me for almost 14 whole years. I cannot thank any of you enough.

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