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Mishpacha: mish·​pa·​chah, mə̇shˈpäḵə,-pȯḵə: 

Origin: Hebrew/Yiddish

Definition: a Jewish family or social unit including close and distant relatives

Example: "We invited the whole mishpacha"


Malkhut Mishpacha is our program for Malkhutniks to hold small, intimate, volunteer-led gatherings for Shabbat and other holidays throughout Queens. These are opportunities for our extended community to connect, sing, talk, gather, pray, make art, play and eat together, and can be whatever our hosts envision them to be.

We are looking for Malkhut Partners in all Queens neighborhoods to act as hosts for these gatherings (NOTE: LIC hosts are not expected to be Malkhut partners yet as this is an emergent neighborhood for Malkhut). You'll be provided with resources (songs, prayers, guided meditations) but you don't have to use them; these gatherings can be as formal or informal as you'd like them to be, and we'd love to get creative! You can work closely with Alexa, who can help you think through your events. If you're interested in hosting a Malkhut Mishpacha gathering in your home or neighborhood, please complete the form below. 

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