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Malkhut is committed to being affirming and inclusive of people in all of their diversity. 

  • Malkhut knows that Jews and their families are diverse, and that anyone can be Jewish. We do not ask people if or how they’re Jewish. We appreciate knowing people’s stories and backgrounds if and when they would like to share.

  • Our community includes and affirms Jews of all backgrounds and family structures, including interfaith families, singles, seniors, couples, single-parent/sole caregiver, LGBTQ families and Jews-by-Choice.

  • Our community includes and affirms people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. We strive to always ask, rather than assume, a person's pronouns.

  • Our community includes and affirms people of all races and ethnicities including Jews of Color and also all Black, Brown, AAPI, Latinx, Indigenous and multiracial/mixed-race people.

  • Our community includes and affirms people with disabilities and differing abilities including people who are neurodivergent. We are working towards providing access at our Youth Institute, holiday events and gatherings. We hope to consistently share accessibility information on our sign up forms.


Malkhut is a community in process, and we strive to work towards being as inclusive and affirming as we can be. We always welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas of how we can fulfill that goal. Please reach out to to be in touch. 

Click HERE to read more about Malkhut and click HERE to see our upcoming events.

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