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Malkhut believes that authentic spiritual practice involves the whole self: body, breath, voice, mind, and heart.

In particular, mindfulness is woven into the fabric of Malkhut in order to create a space where those who wish can stop and connect with something bigger than themselves. We integrate mindfulness practice into our Friday night services, and we set aside 30 minutes of silent meditation at the beginning of each Shabbat morning gathering, in addition to periodic half-day jewish mindfulness retreats and other opportunities for meditation practice throughout the year.


According to the Jewish mystical tradition, Malkhut is a name for the aspect of Divinity that is most accessible to humanity. It represents our experience of Being unfolding in every moment. Our intention is for Malkhut to engender the experience of loving awareness and present-moment unfolding.

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The Hebrew month of Elul, which starts on August 17 and leads up to Rosh Hashanah, is a time for spiritual preparation. During this month, Rabbi G and Emily Herzlin are sharing weekly teachings with links to guided meditation and chant, to support our journeys toward teshuvah. In our teachings, we’ll draw from this year’s High Holy Day theme, “Enough,” and will trace a path, inspired by the High Holy Day liturgy. As we go through the month, we will link to content for each week below.


Week 1: Tekiyah - Waking Up to How I’ve Been (CLICK to read)

Week 2: Teshuvah - Coming Home to Who I Want to Be (CLICK to read)

Week 3: Tefilah - Meeting My Heart with Compassion (CLICK to read)

Week 4: Tzedakah - Healing Our Hearts, Healing Our World (CLICK to read)

Selichot Retreat:

On Saturday September 9th, we’ll be facilitating a half-day online Selichot retreat to deepen our practice and preparation together, and culminate our 4-week journey. We’ll gather in person at Renew Queens in LIC and on Zoom to enjoy a Shabbat afternoon of meditation, chanting, prayer, mindful movement, journaling, and community. For more information and to RSVP for the retreat click below.

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