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Volunteer with Malkhut

We are so grateful for support from members of Malkhut who generously volunteer their time to help out with events! In standardizing volunteer sign ups, we want to invite you to fill out the form below with the date that you are available and role that you would like to fill! Here is a brief description of the tasks.

Greeter: Be the warm welcoming smile that people see as they walk in. Help folks with prayer books, and finding seats.  

Grape juice: provide one bottle of (preferably kosher) grape juice, pour it into provided plastic cups, pass out the cups before our communal Kiddush blessing and then collect them up, throw them out and rinse the trays. 


Challah: provide one (or more) loaves of challah: provided a challah for community members, accounting for about 60 people each event. What's worked best is to pre-cut the challah into bite size pieces so it's ready to be handed out after our communal Motzi blessing. 


Potluck Point Person: Help set up potluck space, coordinate potluck logistics with other volunteers/staff on site and help with set up/clean up. Ensure that everyone leaves with their food and utensils. 


to sign up to volunteer at an upcoming Shabbat gathering.

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