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Jacob Feldman-Blosser

Ya'akov Noam ben Sarah Yael v'Chris

Jacob Noam Feldman-Blosser is the son of Shara Feldman and Christopher Blosser. Jacob is currently a seventh grade student at Queens School of Inquiry. He enjoys food and baking, games, and quality time with cats. For his mitzvah project, he is supporting Golden Paw Society, the only rescue on Long Island that is 100% dedicated to saving shelter cats. Jacob and his family have adopted three wonderful cats from Golden Paw Society since 2014.

Thank You!

I would like to express my gratitude to Cantor Miriam for helping me learn to chant Torah and the blessings, and to Rabbi Goldenberg for teaching me Hebrew and some of the blessings, and helping me with my d’var torah. Thanks to Jim Talbott for teaching me about torah and social justice, and to Kris Wettstein for playing music during our services and the Bmitzvah. I would also like to thank Golden Paw Society for helping me with my mitzvah project, and for all the good work they do to save shelter cats. Finally, I am very grateful to my family for loving me and supporting me during this process, and also to Eli for making my tallit.

In Memoriam

Rick Feldman (Ya'akov Reuven ben Moshe v'Sarah) - grandfather

Bert Hirsch (Bina bat Mordechai) - Super Nana

Mitzvah Project

Jacob's Mitzvah Project.PNG

Click on the picture to be redirected to Jacob's Mitzvah Project website to learn more about the fundraising efforts he took to support rescue cats!

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